Snapshot of Informed Energy Decisions, 2008



    The purpose of Informed Energy Decisions is to detect energy and water waste in buildings, recommend solutions based on current building science, and assist clients in administering best-practice solutions.

    Our Company

    Founded in 2003 by Cappy Kidd and John Porterfield, Informed Energy Decisions is a leader in the Chicago area because of our experience, expertise and integrity.

    We are independent of proprietary products and services. When recommending a course of action, we offer all viable options to our clients and receive no commission from providers.

    Informed Energy Decisions is a member of the US Green Building Council, the Illinois Association of Energy Raters and partner of the EPA’s Energy Star™ program. Our team keeps up-to-date with the industry by continuous training and attending professional building science conferences across the United States.

    With decades of combined experience, the staff at Informed Energy Decisions will ensure that you have thorough reports and great customer service for the energy-saving service you need.


    Cappy Kidd, Founder:

    Cappy comes to Informed Energy with years of experience as a carpenter, building contractor, and more recently as a state-licensed home inspector. Quite the well-rounded professional, Cappy has worked in industrial and building trades since his youth, including as a licensed Stationary Engineer at a major hospital complex in Manhattan; in HVAC design, assembly and maintenance project administration; and building energy performance. Cappy's a LEED Accredited Professional, a RESNET certified energy rater, and holds a degree in Environmental Control Technology. Cappy serves on the board of the Illinois Association of Energy Raters, has instructed at the Illinois Inspector Training Institute and currently teaches at Wright College.

    John Porterfield, Founder:

    John brings to the firm his vast knowledge of building science. He has degrees in architecture and economics, over three decades' experience in home energy performance,, and was a pioneer of infrared scan and air leakage diagnostics for buildings in the Chicago area. John served on the Working Group for the Chicago Energy Code for four years and has been an instructor of energy classes at the School of Architecture of the University of Illinois Chicago, Moraine Valley Community College, and Wright College. He also has a few publications under his belt including How-to House Doctor (University of Illinois Regents, 1982, 321pages) and has contributed to the Home Retrofit Manual (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980) and Mechanical Systems Retrofit Manual (VNR, 1984). Oh, and he is a RESNET certified energy rater as well.

    Aaron Lund, Energy Analyst:

    Aaron has experience in construction and environmental consulting. He has conducted environmental assessments and asbestos inspections on a variety of facilities throughout the Midwest.  His professional experience includes in-depth environmental studies of homes, large commercial high rises, and industrial complexes.  He is a student in the Building Energy Technology program at Wilbur Wright College.  Currently, Aaron’s main preoccupation is trying to escape from the office.  You can help him by calling to schedule an energy audit.

    Carlos Mercado, Commercial Energy Associate:

    A recent graduate of Antioch College with a degree in Mathematics, Carlos enjoys solving problems.

    Cheryl Pomeroy, Ph.D, Energy Analyst:

    Cheryl has an eclectic background, befitting the daughter of a marine scientist raised on Sapelo Island, Georgia. It begins with a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, received after fieldwork in Highland Ecuador in the early 1980s; followed by 15 years as a union carpenter in Chicago, becoming a journeyman in 1994, and ending with a career as a licensed home inspector working for her own company in Oak Park, IL, since 2004. She has been working and training part-time with John Porterfield and Cappy Kidd since 2005 and is RESNET certified. She has one daughter in college.

    Ross Neag, Energy Analyst:

    A graduate of Miami University in Ohio, Ross was principal for eight years of a real properties firm for investment, brokerage and home renovations. Now a licensed home inspector with his own company and a certified RESNET energy rater, he brings a winning way to our residential energy surveys.

    Hilary J. Mitchell, Office Manager:

    Graduate of Millikin University’s School of Music, Hilary somehow ended up with Informed Energy Decisions in June of 2008. She is our office manager, keeping track of finances, editing documents, and scheduling our clients.

    Claudia Hommel, Advisor to the Staff:

    When Claudia is not otherwise engaged as cabaret and concert singer, we get to use her archival, editing and organizational skills in the office. To see her on stage is to love her.

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